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Lorenzo Argento has been invited to attend the Montenapoleone YachtClub Conference to speak about sustainability with respect to the

newly launched 72ft Explorer Vessel.

After the transfer from Greifswald to Kiel we are proud to launch the new 72ft EXP, a research vessel for Max Planck Institute…GOOD WIND EUGEN SEIBOLD!

A new ocean-going research yacht for marine and climate research, designed by Lorenzo Argento, has been built in Greifswald by Michael Schmidt Yachtbau. The 22-meter-long sailing yacht with hybrid drive has been christened on May 11 at the Geomar in Kiel. With this highly specialized ship, researchers want to collect and analyze contaminated seawater, plankton and air samples in the Atlantic Ocean, the Southern Ocean and the Eastern Pacific Ocean, as a spokeswoman for the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz said. The institute is the operator of the ship. The new building was financed with 3.5 million euros by the Swiss Werner Siemens Foundation. The scientists want to explore with the yacht the immediate layer of air above and 1000 meters of water in the oceans. In doing so, they look into the light-flooded zones and the underlying “Twilight Zone”. In these ocean depths, the majority of the chemical and biological degradation and exchange processes take place, as the Institute announced. The sailing yacht consists of a fiberglass hull and is equipped with a hybrid drive. This would avoid contamination of the samples with trace metals from the hull or diesel exhaust. This is a prerequisite for the smallest atmospheric particles such as dust, gases or trace elements in the water to measure contamination free. The yacht will also be equipped with a cleanroom laboratory. The ship has been named after the German marine geologist Eugen Seibold. Seibold (1918-2013) is considered the founder of modern marine geosciences in Germany. After the final equipment, the ship should set off in summer and autumn for the first test drives. The first research trip should start in winter. First, it goes from the North Sea in the North Atlantic and from there towards the Canary and Cape Verde Islands. The ship can accommodate four to six scientists and 2 to 4 crew members.


72 EXP is almost finished. Just final finishing and only few weeks are left to launch…stay tuned!






MAKAI will be at the Boat Show in Palma from April 27th to May 1st 2018.
Get in touch with us for further informations!


Hull and deck structures are complete!

The yacht will be at Cannes Yachting Festival from 12th to 17th september 2017.

We’re proudly to announce the launch of the new 80 ft SRD by Michael Schmidt Yachtbau.

We’ll wait for you in september at Cannes Yachting Festival!

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