This is also part of a totally new breed of design work. We were commissioned, via Michael Schmidt Yachtbau as main contractor and client rep, to develop a purely research vessel which will pursue research on the topics of modern and past climate changes the global carbon cycle and the ocean environment using cutting edge technology. The project is funded by the Werner-Siemens Foundation in support of the MPIC (Max Plank Institute for Chemistry) in Mainz. The vessel is custom built to sample the open ocean and atmosphere at zero contamination, using both wind power (sails) and a novel developed hybrid propulsion system.

The boat features a fully covered and protected cockpit area which serves as dining and lecture area, as well as a full A frame arch which will serve for the nets and research equipment handling. The interior layout provides more than half of the boat (the aft part) for research equipment and laboratory while the forward part to accommodate crew and research team. For us a wonder opportunity to come across a very specific design brief to produce a pure working vessel implementing details and features typical of a long cruiser which needs to work in remote areas for extending period of time. We love her.

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