It is the first time that I work the “historic” Solaris Yacht shipyard.

Shipyard that obviously, I have known for many years. From the time of the three founding members, to the current ownership. I have always had great respect for both design consistency and construction quality.When I received the invitation, from the Yard, to participate in the project of the new Solaris 74 ft, I gladly accepted because it was a question of re-modulating their constructive language in order to enhance the quality of the yard and the materials they traditionally use.

Once the purpose of the work was defined, I worked to soften the shapes as much as possible and maximize the brightness both real and perceived. For example, we have defined a maximum height of wood by inserting white elements. I wanted to clearly define the hierarchy of the various compositional elements, structures and furnishings, using different materials in order to be able to “read” them clearly, in order to identify their function. There is a boisere, with softened radiuses, which envelops the spaces. Then there are some details to highlight. For example, every free space on board must become a stowage, some of the decorative panels sometimes become furniture doors: to open them, instead of the classic button on the vertical panel, it was placed on the horizontal plane. A solution that contributes to the sense of cleanliness and order.

In the ‘traditional’ layout, which includes the aft galley, we have shaped the forward bulkhead, which delimits the dinette, creating a double volume that becomes a saloon library and exploiting a volume of the forward guest cabins, otherwise unused. Indeed, this extra volume can be used both in purely decorative terms, but also as an object holder.

Ultimately, working in continuous contact with the technical office of the yard driven by Arch. Alessandro Puia, with the aim of enhancing the wide spaces that a boat of this allowed size, with a work of decoration, never opulent but comfortable, welcoming, practical and at the same time marine.