Lorenzo Argento

Lorenzo Argento Laurenti has been actively involved with sailing since the age of 12 having his first sailing experiences on lake Garda. Lorenzo, a deep passionate into every aspect of design, graduated in yacht & boat design at the Southampton college. Lorenzo then moved to the Isle of Wight to work for 1 year at SP technologies. He moved back to Italy in 1987 and joined Luca Brenta to found, two years later, the Luca Brenta Yacht Design. As first project at Luca Brenta office, Lorenzo was involved with the two ton admiral’s cupper “Marisa”. Many more projects followed including 4 boats for Wally, Ghost, the B Yachts series and Chrisco.

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Domenico Quitadamo

Architect _ Senior Yacht Designer

Francesca Modica

Architect _ Yacht Designer



Alzaia Naviglio Grande 36
20144 Milano Italia

Piva IT09393180964



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